How to open MobiCash account Free – Advantages and features of Mobi Cash account

Mobi Cash is mostly used service for fund transferring in Pakistan and other countries as well. Mobilink has deep connection with Waseela micro finance bank. Today we will learn how to open MobiCash account free in Pakistan. There are lot of benefits of using mobicash service. You can pay you bills (telephone, GAS, Electricity, water and Mobilink Postpaid bills).

More over you can use it to transfer funds everywhere in Pakistan easily. You may use it to top up your mobilink balance or may also use it to donate others :) .
Method of opening mobi cash account is very simple and easy. You no need to provide heavy bank statement or other strict verification documents like visa.

How to open MobiCash account Free in Pakistan []

Easy way to open MobiCash Account :

Here is the step which you must need to follow in order to open mobi cash account.
  1. First you must need to have mobilink SIM. Because this service is only available for mobilink customers.
  2. SIN must be registered on your own name.
  3. take CNIC and went to Mobilink care support Center.
  4. Give your CNIC to them for mobi cash account. They will scan your CNIC and send a copy to waseela bank.
  5. after sim verification they will give you a form which you must need to filled in order to open an account.
  6. you can filled in on your own ends or can also have some assistants :) .
  7. after completion of form they will take signature of you. (keep in  mind your signature must match to CNIC sign).
  8. They also take thumb scans and in last they will take a photo of you.
  9. that’s all. you application will send to authority for review. After 3 or 4 days you will got message as well as call on your mobilink number to hereby account activation :) .
Now you have your own mobi cash account. now you can send and transfer finds, balance, pay bill etc via it.
Benefits of Mobicash :
  • you can use it to transfer funds every where.
  • you can send amount on every number like easypaisa and upaisa.
  • You can use it to top up your mobile balance.
  • you can use it to pay bills as i mention above.
How to use MobiCash to get free Minutes :
  1. If you pay any bill from it. You will get 50 Minutes after 2 days. (which validate for 3 days).
  2. If you use it to top up your account for more then Rs. 75 then you will get25 free minutes.
  3. Best trick : If you and your friend have mobicash account. Transfer Rs.10 to your friend and ask your friend to re transfer it to me. Then you both will get 250 free minutes.
So, i hope this now you have learned hoe yo open mobicash account free in Pakistan. also you come to know some of its benefits :) . i hope you like it. feel free to ask question if you have.

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